Our Approch

Focused Approach

We deliberately choose to work for very selective sectors like Healthcare, pharmaceuticals and allied industries to provide unmatched service standards to our clients and candidates.

Specialist Staffing & Executive Research

While recruiting specialists and experts for a particular project or assignment, finding candidates with the right skill and cultural fit is very critical. Right people can drive performance and achieve desired results. We take utmost care in finding and identifying the right key professionals for unfilled positions. Our approach is unique as we adopt a rigorous screening process to filter most suitable candidates before presenting them to our clients. In most of the cases, our clients will not require to conduct a reference check as we select candidates through reliable referrals and recommendations.
We deliberately choose to focus on only two verticals i.e. pharmaceuticals and hospitals to ensure an end to end recruitment solution to our clients as well as candidates.

Case Study I

Plant Hiring for a MNC

The Challenge

Plant Hiring for an MNC were entering a phase of expansion and needed an expert support for their hiring process. Because of the remote location of the site. Niche requirements and volume hiring it was a concern for the organization- how to hire high caliber workforce within the limited time frame?. We were approached because of our reputation and deep-seated relationships in the pharmaceutical sector

Our Solution

Kingpins used their extensive relationships and knowledge of the healthcare segment and jobseekers behavior to ensure that those involved in the process remained focused and enthused, over what was a significant period of time from brief through to time to hire. We worked closely with the client to ensure they were able to meet a breadth of skill sets and backgrounds, and that candidates were as excited as we were about what is a truly fantastic .

A qualified recruiter was debuted at the site to work closely with the Human resource team and functional heads. Regular communication, feedbacks, site visits by the Kingpins authorities to ensure smooth functioning of the entire recruitment project plan.

The Results

“Kingpins was very successful in the execution of the entire recruitment project plan and was acknowledged by the functional heads at the organization for its unique approach, contributions, initiatives and efforts”.

Case Study II

Chronic Vacancy at Indian MNC

The Challenge

Ranbaxy has been struggling to recruit for a senior position in Demand planning function. It was more than 8 months that they have consulted most of the internal and external sources of recruitment and most of the candidates in the competition were already interviewed.

Our Solution

Kingpins had an opportunity to work on this challenging situation on an exclusive basis. On a few interactions with head human resource and understanding the reasons for the failures in efforts, it was concluded to explore industries other than the healthcare. Study of the allied industries with similar capabilities in terms of volumes and expected performance was done.

The Results

We mapped the market thoroughly and presented with candidatures from other industry, but perfectly formed shortlist. After a thorough interview process, they were able to appoint their chosen candidate. With a joint effort and perfect collaboration mission to fill this key vacancy was successful within a month’s time.